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Sanneh camps give thousands of kids a safe, fun summer camp experience for FREE! We offer over 100 soccer, baseball, basketball and leadership camps throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. Camps are run by professional coaches and designed for ages 5 -12. Each camper will receive a t-shirt, water bottle, cinch bag and an oral care kit sponsored by Delta Dental.

Do you want to coach youth soccer?  CLICK HERE to become a Sanneh Soccer Coach!

The Sanneh Foundation understands the importance of shaping the development of youth beyond the field and actively works to incorporate guidance and information about health, education, drugs and alcohol, and cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Camps promote an atmosphere of community through the universal excitement for sport.  Tony Sanneh has assembled a staff of local and national coaches to teach soccer based on the experiences and methods that Sanneh himself has accumulated throughout his extensive career at the highest levels of the sport.

The same ideology is used to adapt the training to individual camper’s ability and ambition.  The camp aims to provide a fun and fulfilling atmosphere for all campers while focusing on appropriate levels of individual skill and intensity .